Where Have the Vuvuzelas Gone?

Are you walking around with a strange post-worldcup abstinence? After hours and hours with humming from the african horn, the world suddenly feels so quiet. Of course there exsists a composition written for the instrument, “#Vuvuzela concerto in B flat”. But in you hunt for a similar kick to the one you got from the long noise concert they called the world cup, you have already digested that. But dont despair! The musica made by the minimalist composer Phill Niblock is described as “no melodies, no harmonies, no rhythm, no bullshit”. His compositions make the vuvuzelas seems thin and tiny. Check out YPGTPN or “Disseminate” and get yourself ready for thick, brain melting hordes of toneclusters. Deafening volume recommended for maximum effect! (Morgenbladet, Norway)