Happening Saturday October 1


In NY and Vienna, simultaneously. with Mia live in Vienna and Katherine live in NY
And Phill shily pre-recorded

PhonoFemme 2021
on-site, on air, online

1.10.2021, 19.00h: Phonofemme Vienna and Experimental Intermedia New York – Online Event – with Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, Daniel Neumann, Mia Zabelka

October 1st 19:00 (Vienna) / 13:00 (NYC)
in cooperation with The Austrian Cultural Forum NYC
live stream link:

Set one:
Katherine Liberovskaya (Live Visual Foley) & Mia Zabelka (Violin and Electronics)

set two:
Phill Niblock (Music and Film)
– Browner (2020, 20:00) : Arne Deforce, cello; Deborah Walker, cello; Erik Drescher, flute; Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon
A world premiere !
– First Out (2015, 22:14) : David First, guitar
– V&LSG (2015, 21:20) :  Lore Lixenberg, voice and Guy De Bievre, lap steel guitar
– Meudrone1 (2013)
– Agosto (2014)
– DH Sand-Boat  (2015)

Streaming engineer: Daniel Neumann

From the Austrian Cultural Forum’ email:
October 1 | PhonoFemme2021

PhonoFemme sees itself as a platform for experimental music and sound art by women in Vienna. As a series of performances from October 1-3, 2021, the aim is to network the diverse international scene of female artists and to bring them into a communicative and aesthetic exchange. In cooperation with Experimental Intermedia New York, join us on October 1 at 1 PM EST / 7 PM CET for virtual streaming of Phonofemme Vienna and Experimental Intermedia New York with musicians Mia Zabelka, Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya and Daniel Neumann.

Austrian Cultural Forum New York


All events start at 9PM

Samara Lubelski (NYC, sometimes Degenfeld, Germany)
Monday 15

Continuation of the on the spot/improvised solo violin’s uptight zipping about with the flurry fingers and the zig zag chase; out for the tension – the soft touch’s lament – bird song buzzing, amplified hums hurling about – caught in the hustle, and taking care of business; implemented with phaser and delays, etc… Wandering into the wavelengths of heady frenzy, ensconced in the sliding of the touch ’n go – to and fro,  Light into dark – dark into light, with Barry Weisblat on visual projections

Andrea Pensado (Salem MA, from Argentina, studied Poland)
Tuesday 16

“Reflections on Uneasiness” – an amalgam of cut-up noise / voice / plunderphonics /noise piano / real time visuals, anguish and more

Catherine Lamb and Bryan Eubanks  (Berlin)
Wednesday 17

Rebecca Lane plays quarter tone bass flute; Cat plays viola and voice; Bryan plays synth and voice; the piece is Prisma Interius IV by Catherine Lamb

Richard Garet   (New York)
Friday  19

His approach to working with sound focuses on interacting with the materials’ sonic properties as both source and instrument; such materials are amplified EMF emissions, modified audiocassettes, dysfunctional tape players, circuit boards, sonification of light, and computer processing among other explorations and with no particular hierarchy; over the years his work has evolved from laptop playing to a more active hands on type of approach by embracing tactile malleability, and establishing durational concrete methods and less digital playback

Video events:

SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 17 curated by Katherine Liberovskaya
Monday 22

Once again it’s time for Screen Compositions, this year the 17th edition (2nd virtual), bringing you as ever a collection of always captivating intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Peer Bode / Carrier Band (Andrew Deutsch, Rebekkah Palov, Don Metz, Ed Hallborg); Christian Calon / Chantal Dumas / Mario Gauthier; Lieve D’hondt / Esther Venrooy; Tina Frank / Mari Bastashevski / Jen Morris; Pepe Gimeno / Carlos Cueto / Sonia Megias; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock; Marie Losier / Dorit Chrysler; 185668232 / Joseph Sledgianowski; Peter Shapiro / Snake Union (Chuck Bettis & David Grant) + Hisham Bharoocha; Heimo Wallner / Maja Osojnik; Milana Zaric / Richard Barrat

Kjell Bjorgeengen  (Oslo Norway)
Wednesday 24th

He works mainly with live video performances and video installations and has had a long association with The Experimental Televison Center, Owego NY and has worked closely with David Jones to develop his own unique studio and video synthesizer; he looks upon his art as an investigation of a reality which needs to be worked upon and changed in both artistic and political ways. Google him . . .

Tony Martin  (New York)
Thursday 25

The film and video work of Tony Martin – Throughout the 1960’s the artist created pure light and combined image projection, and recording technique; these pioneering intermedia compositions were first seen at the San Francisco Tape Music Center and then internationally; the Howard Wise Gallery in NYC exhibited viewer-activated light sculptures and installations; these used custom mirrors, and various sensors built into the pieces; during subsequent decades these personal systems are fed into film and video pieces, along with electronic and stylus/pad manipulations

Joan Logue (New York)
Friday 26

Since 1971, she has completed hundreds of video portraits for installation; her works have been seen in the US and abroad in installations that she terms ‘video portrait galleries,’ including portraits of Richard Diebenkorn, John Baldessari, Jasper Johns, Willem DeKooning, Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, Joan Mitchell, Vija Celmins, Judy Chicago, Jacques Derrida, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez and Noam Chomsky among many others; since 1979, she created another form of portraiture, ’30 Second Portraits (Spots)’; some of the portraits that will be screened here are of composers (such as John Cage, Pierre Boulez, Alvin Curran, Michael Nyman, Carles Santos, Liz Phillips, and Meredith Monk), other portraits shown are on dancers (contemporary and traditional) painters, poets, performance artists, writers, philosophers, New England Fishermen, 2011 Occupiers and a few from the series Before the Ghetto

Our programs are supported by The David & Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc, the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, the Phaedrus Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature
224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013   212 431 5127, 431 6430 and
We are now streaming the concerts live on the Wave Farm Website:

Fridman Gallery | Wednesday, February 3 at 7pm

An online event, with a hang out after it
Two events with Sun Ra
It will be available for viewing until February 28 on the Fridman Gallery website
Please do not respond to this address

Wednesday, February 3 at 7pm

Fridman Gallery is pleased to present two films honoring the legacy and continued influence of Sun Ra, Marshall Allen, and the Sun Ra Arkestra on Wednesday, February 3 at 7pm ( Phill Niblock’s newly restored, seminal film The Magic Sun featuring original footage of Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra, will be followed by Dave Soldier’s new work The Eighth Hour of Amduat, starring Marshall Allen, who leads the Sun Ra Arkestra today. The videos will remain viewable through February 28.

The screening will be followed by a “hang” with Niblock and Soldier on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 789 059 3491
Passcode: 9KZkfA

THE MAGIC SUN (1966-68)

Composer, photographer, and filmmaker Phill Niblock’s classic experimental underground film The Magic Sun features a sensational soundtrack by the legendary jazz musician Sun Ra and the members of his Solar Arkestra. Niblock used a very high contrast black-and-white film technique to shoot ultra-tight close-ups on the moving hands and mouths of the musicians.

This is the premiere screening of the newly restored film, which has been transferred from 16mm to HD video, color corrected by Adam Hogan and Laura Stayton, and sound revitalized by Dan Evans Farkas. The 16mm film was originally processed by J&D Film Labs, in NY.


Marshall Allen, the leader of the Sun Ra Arkestra, is featured in the part of the Egyptian god Sun Ra, in Dave Soldier’s new classical/jazz/electronic opera based on the oldest musical score known, the Eighth hour of the Book of the Amduat. In this version from 1425 BC, the sounds and music are clearly specified during Sun Ra’s nightly travels on the underworld river to age, die, and be reborn to rise again every morning. The ancient hieroglyphs are translated to Italian by Egyptologist Rita Lucarrelli (professor at UC Berkeley) and the parts of the other gods and demons are sung by mezzo soprano (Sahoko Sato TImpone from the Metropolitan Opera) and a choir and by additional improvisers (Dan Blacksberg, Nick Millevoi, Michael Winograd, Rebecca Cherry) with a classical orchestra.

Phill Niblock Projects in the works for 2020/21 | 10 CDs and LPs, or more, of Music, some Video

1   6 or 7 CDs  – The Exploratory Project, now looks like it will be 7 CDs with 18 versions of the scored piece –  Exploratory, on the Matière Mémoire of Belgium label. The label wants to put each CD out separately, at first, like one every month or two, then make the box set, starting perhaps in January 2021

2   2 CDs – a 2 CD set of the 5 new music pieces commissioned by Mathieu Copeland, through the Hermes Foundation of Japan, to be published by Matière Mémoire, and to result in an Exhibition in the Hermes Gallery in Tokyo, of just these music pieces, with no visuals; the music: Poom, with Stephen O’Malley; Herbal Cooled, with Deborah Walker, ExplMaranha, with David Maranha; Expl, with a Japanese Choir; Noizze, with Kasper Toeplitz, bass; Franck Vigroux, guitar; Helene Brischand, harp,  as I R E

3   1 CD – a 2 CD set, with one of the CDs a scored piece – Baobab, played in Dortmund Germany by the Dorf ensemble of 35 musicians, in September 2019, with the second CD, pieces by Jan Klare, co-published by XI Records and Umland records

4   1 CD – a new piece – Nudaf, 65 minutes, with Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon, to be published in Israel by Amnon Wolman on the AKOH Media label (not yet out)

5   1 CD – Music for Organ, two pieces with Hampus Lindwall, organ, on the Matière Mémoire of Belgium label, on LP as well

An LP from BullMiletic of Oslo Norway, with two pieces by PN named Zoom Blue Dot 5 and 6, out soon

Lawrence English, of Room40 in Australia, is re-issuing two CDs of mine: – Ghosts and Others and Guitar Too, For Four
G2,44 was originally issued by Jim O’Rourke, on the Moikai Label
G2, 44 CD is now issued (July 2020) and can be ordered from:
and now he may re-issue the Extreme label DVD, of my films from Peru, Mexico, Hong Kong and Hungary with my music, published many years ago, and recently out of print

There is the project on the label Touch, with two films – China88 and Japan89, and four hours of music by me, to be published on a USB stick, but the production has been delayed but it will be out

Browner, a new piece, for the 20 artist project for Matière Mémoire, the Belgian label, which will result in 20 LPs with a new piece from each artist on one side, and an artwork (visual) from them, on the other; this piece made with materials from four artists – Arne Deforce, cello; Deborah Walker, cello; Erik Drescher, flute; Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon, recorded in Marcus Schmickler’s studio in Koln, with a Brauner microphone

A video on Vimeo  – HookerNiblock, IN SOLIDARITY, with the recent uprisings of Black Lives Matter, a collaborative video by Phill Niblock and William Hooker – “Hooker-Niblock” (2015-19; 17:49; HD)
William Hooker, music, Phill Niblock, video
To view:
This piece was presented at Screen Compositions 15 (March 18th 2019), Curated by Katherine Liberovskaya, at Experimental Intermedia NYC March 2019 Concert Series, and it was recently revised

I put a piece on – Vlada BC, with Elisabeth Smalt, viola d’amore, premiered in November 2013, a month after my 80th birthday, I like it very much, and I was only 80

And another project, a video with my music, which you can look at/listen to, here:
Muna Tseng, dance; Phill Niblock, music and video, 1992

A new music piece by Phill Niblock, Poom (June 2020, 28 min), with e-bowed guitar tones by Stephen O’Malley, recorded at the Trace Elements Studio, NY, by Robert Poss, constructed and mixed at Experimental Intermedia in NY, by Phill Niblock

Contour Editions online project: ce.onl_0033; Artist: Katherine Liberovskaya with music by Phill Niblock; Title: Threshold of Predictability; Format: Online Screening; Date: 2020; Contour Editions is pleased to publish the video work Threshold of Predictability: A Trilogy by NYC based media artist Katherine Liberovskaya with music by the legendary composer and filmmaker Phill Niblock. Liberovskaya’s publication consists of three moving image pieces ranging between 30’ to 60’ where a single event unfolds its outcome slowly with transparency towards an inevitable conclusion. Each distinct piece features a different unmistakable drone music composition by Phill Niblock. The three pieces form a trilogy that spans approximately 138’ of audiovisual immersion. For listening and detailed information about Threshold of Predictability visit the publication page within catalog. To learn more about Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock please visit their profiles here: artists

A new LP and CD with Giovanni De Dona, of, with “Sound Collage” pieces, not music, – Crick (et); Bells & Timps, Bells Syros and Zound Delta

A double LP edition, from in Milan IT, a re-issue of the XI CD – Four Full Flutes, PK,with Petr Kotik; SLS, with Susan Stenger, PK and SLS, a mix of those two pieces, and the full length of this piece, a premier; and Winterbloom Too,with Eberhard Blum; all on flute

Soon to be re-issued, the DVD of Six Films, newly retransferred from the 16mm films, in HD resolution, with newly mastered sound – The Magic Sun (the Sun Ra Arkestra); Annie; Max (Neuhaus); Raoul; Dog Track; Morning; on the Die Schachtel label, by, in Milan IT; it was transferred at Postworks/Technicolor in NY and color balanced by Laura Stayton with Adam Hogan

I am playing at Roulette in NY, in my yearly December 21, Winter Solstice concert, six hours of music never before played at Roulette, most of them New York premiers, and many World premiers; there are another 3 to 6 hours of pieces, not played at Roulette, which would not fit in the program; the concert will be recorded and available after December 21 –


A Listing of Exploratory projects, as of 2020:
I have a new, scored piece for ensemble – the full name is
“Exploratory, Rhine Version, Looking for Daniel”, 22 minutes
These are different versions of the score, played by the groups or solo artists mentioned

ExplPhoenixBasel, by the Ensemble Phoenix of Basel CH, the commissioners
ExplArdittiSQ, the Arditti String Quartet, recorded and played in Krakow, Sept 2019
ExplLisbon, self played ensemble by David Maranha
ExplWatson, David Watson, half scottish bagpipes, half e-bowed guitar
ExplTiltBrass, 2 flugelhorns, 4 trombones, 1 tuba
ExplFirstHarmonica, David First, bass harmonica, harmonica
ExplAddacSynth, Andre Goncalves, modular synthesizers
ExplAccordion, Ben Richter, accordions
ExplChangLambViola, Johnny Chang and Catherine Lamb, violas
ExplNellyBoydEns, mixed ensemble, 44 minute version,
ExplStringMachine – a new microtonal vibrating string machine made by
Peter Wiessenthaner of Frankfurt
ExplKonusSaxQuartet – with Christian Kobi of Bern
ExplRailtonCello – with Lucy Railton, of England, living in Berlin, with a group of 6 cellos
ExplVoxHumana, with the Vox Humana Choral Group of Tokyo, now recorded, Dec 2020

New ones:
ExplneoNEnsOslo, mixed ensemble, neoN Ensemble of Oslo, hasn’t been recorded yet
ExplOrganHampus, Hampus Lindwall of Brussels, church organ, not yet recorded
ExplMotors, using variable pitch/sounds of electric motors, by Jens Brand
ExplApartmentHouse, proposed by Anton Lukoszevieze

That’s 18 versions, or more, 6 or 7 CDs, to be published by the label – Matière Mémoire, from Belgium, hopefully to be out in 2021

This piece was commissioned and played in June, 2019, by the Ensemble Phoenix of Basel, and recorded, in a 32 minute version

Roulette, NYC, 21st December 2020

On December 21,2020, a 6 hour concert by Phill Niblock at, in NY, links:




The Forty-Seventh Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The Fifty-Second Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Fifty-Second Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least, The (Virtual) Fortieth Annual Festival  with no fancy name, Part One (or A)      Phill Niblock, curator

December 2020
This edition of our concert series is entirely virtual. Concerts will be streamed live from our website at 9pm sharp NYC time on the dates listed:

Right after each concert we invite performers and audience to join “The EI Virtual Kitchen Hang”, our Zoom meeting room, to interact between each other and with us.

The EI Virtual Kitchen Hang Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 212 076 5064
Passcode: 869302

Earl Howard    (New York)
Sunday 6

Bob Bellerue   (New York)
|Monday  7

Julien Ottavi and Jenny Pickett (UK, Fr)
Wednesday 9  

Austin Larkin  (Connecticut)
Friday 11

Gill Arno    (New York)
Monday 14
Website (not updated since 1916) –

Ka Baird              (New York)
Tuesday 15

Matthias Kaiser, Hans Tammen, Shoko Nagai  (Cologne, NY, NY)
Wednesday 16 

Mike Bullock  (Massachusetts)
Thursday 17   

Our programs are supported by the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, the  Phaedrus Foundation, the Fridman Gallery, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew  Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; this project is also made  possible with funds from the NYSCA Electronic Media/Film in  Partnership with Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund, with the  support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013   212 431 5127, 431 6430 and

The video-audio recordings of the concerts will be posted on our website the morning after each concert and will remain there until our next series in March 2021

Live in Vienna (not) | July 8th 2020

Here is an event that is live in Vienna, if you happen to be there – except for us, we are in NY and Barcelona, and we are live at the time it’s happening

Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya and Barbara Held

Tune in  – And thanks to our friends at

DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #99
8. JULI 2020, doors: 19h30, program & streaming starts 20h sharp
LIVE: Steinergasse 8, 1170 Wien
live streaming auf:

Sara Zlanabitnig (A) & Tomaš Grom (SLO): flute, electronics / double bass [konzert]

Kathrin Stumreich (A): “Klack und die Gesetze der Thermodynamik”[performance]

 Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya & Barbara Held (US):

A live video and sound set, streamed from Experimental Intermedia NYC and from Barcelona

All three of us for one set, with live visuals by Liberovskaya, and live flute and electronics by Held, and sound collage pieces by Niblock

And then Niblock Solo:
video screening: “The Movement of People Working”  – Phill Niblock

– Hungary, Hong Kong
“Praised Fan” by Phill Niblock ~17min, for bassoon; Dafne Vicent Sandoval: bassoon
“POOM” by Phill Niblock ~30:00min, for e-bowed guitar; Stephen O’Malley, guitar

due to limited admission please reserve via email to:

Experimental-Intermedia mailing list

Live June 19th, 20th and 21st

This is an announcement about 4 online music events on June 19, 20 and 21
The letter is from, the producer of these music events, and they feature Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya, and this is a test event of their website and eventual series of webcasts

On Saturday afternoon, the event will be a virtual premier of a new music piece by Phill, finished the day before, of course, named Poom, with Stephen O’Malley playing e-bowed guitar, from sound material recorded in the Trace Elements studio of Robert Poss, 28 minutes long

The event will begin with a set by Phill and Katherine Liberovskaya

An improvised sound collage by Katherine Liberovskaya & Phill Niblock
Phill Niblock: live mixing of field recordings
Katherine Liberovskaya: live small percussion instruments and other objects and gadgets

Note that the Saturday afternoon event is at 3pm NY time, and 9pm European time

You can see the poster with Katherine’ drawing and the on-line version of OdA’s newsletter

Letter from


Today we would like to invite you to spend the weekend with us and the artists Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya.

Regardless of what you know about the work of Phill and Katherine, speaking to someone like Perry is always interesting. Perry is a sound artist and the creator of the Oda speakers, which you will hear more about later this summer. Perry says: “Phill Niblock is often labelled a minimalist. This amounts to a dismissal. I would say monumentalist, because the sound is so thoroughly consuming, and commanding of attention. As when a tree falls in a forest, if you’re not giving this music your full attention does it even exist?”

Phill and Katherine have been collaborating together since the early 2000’s. In the past week, Perry has been working with them almost daily with sound-checks in advance of this weekend’s shows.

“You know, Katherine Liberovskaya is well known as a video artist, often collaborating with musicians to provide a visual element with musical qualities”, Perry says. “What I think is really interesting is, on this occasion, she is a musician. In this context she performs sound with visual qualities. It is hard not to conjure an image of how each sound is created.” He ends, “I so look forward to hearing this with Oda, which engages the room it is in so differently than any other speakers!”

Here is this weekend’s schedule:

Friday, June 19 at 9pm ET
Phill Niblock – Live
Vlada BC, for viola d’amore 20 min
Exploratory Ensemble Phoenix Basel 22 min
Noizzze One,for the I R E Trio 23 min
A Cage of Stars, for electric built harp 28 min
Five More String Quartets 25 min
127 min = 2 hr 7 min

Saturday, June 20 at 3pm ET
An improvised sound collage by Katherine Liberovskaya & Phill Niblock – Live
“POOM” by Phill Niblock – Live (World Premiere!)

Saturday, June 20 at 9pm ET
Phill Niblock – Live
Herbal Cooled2, for cello  23 min
ExploratoryTiltBrass,for brass ensemble 22min
Baobab Bozzini String Quartet 23 min
A Rooks Pun, for soprano saxophone  23 min
Bag, for Scotish bagpipes 21 min
Ronet, for tenor saxophone 21 min
135 min = 1 hour 15 min

Sunday, 21 at 9pm ET
Phill Niblock – Live
Guitar too, for Four-Massed, for many guitars played with e-bow 30 min
Exploratory Arditti String Quartet 23 min
Euph, for Two Belled Euphonium 24 min
FeedCorn Ear 30 min
Praised Fan, for bassoon 17 min
V&LSG, for voice and lap steel guitar 21 min
145 min = 1 hour 25 min

To listen, please visit at the performance times listed above. If you leave your browser open, the broadcast will begin automatically as they start.


IN SOLIDARITY Streams from the EI site, indefinitely…

A collaborative video by Phill Niblock and William Hooker
Music by William Hooker, Video by Phill Nilbock
“Hooker-Niblock” (2015-19; 17:49; HD)

To view, direct from Vimeo

or on our website

This piece was presented at Screen Compositions 15 (March 18th 2019) curated by Katherine Liberovskaya at the Experimental Intermedia NYC March 2019 Concert Series

Experimental-Intermedia mailing list:

This is an announcement about two events:

A network arts event on May 24th, at 9pm Spanish (European) time, 3pm EDT (NY)
The link for the event –

For May 24, 2020
I was very disappointed in not being able to go to Spain to make concerts in four venues in April. So we decided to organize a Zoom event for them. The museums are:

– C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía C/ Carmen Olmedo Checa, Córdoba, Spain
Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya, Artistic Director –

– Centro José Guerrero, Oficios, 8, 18001 Granada, Spain
Director – Francisco Baena –

– Museo Vostell Malpartida, Carretera de Los Barruecos, 10910 Malpartida de Cáceres, Spain
José Antonio Agúndez García, Director –

– Phonos, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Edifici Mercè, Plaça de la Mercè, 10-12
08002 Barcelona, Director Angel Faraldo –

But everyone is invited to join the audience, in the greater world
Please!!  The link for the event –

This is the program:

– Set 1:
Katherine Liberovskaya/ Barbara Held/ Phill Niblock
live video: Katherine Liberovskaya
live flute and electronics: Barbara Held
live sound collage: Phill Niblock

– Set 2:
Music and Film by Phill Niblock
Film/Video: China 88, a film from the Movement of People Working series, filmed in Sechuan Province in China in 1988
Music: Vlada BC, for viola d’amore;  Bag, for Scottish bagpipes; and Praised Fan, for bassoon

This event is co-produced with Sarah Weaver of NowNet Arts
The concert will take place in Zoom. Go the website on the concert day and click the event button to enter Zoom. The concert can be heard on a phone, tablet, or computer. Best quality with headphones or external speakers and wired internet connection

Phill Niblock is an intermedia artist using music, film, photography, video and computers. He was born in Indiana in 1933. Since the mid-60’s he has been making music and intermedia performances which have been shown at numerous venues around the world. Since 1985, he has been the director of the Experimental Intermedia Foundation in New York – – where he has been an artist/member since 1968. He is the producer of Music and Intermedia presentations at EI since 1973 and the curator of EI’s XI Records label. Phill Niblock’s music is available on the XI, Moikai, Mode and Touch labels. A DVD of films and music is available on the Extreme label. He is a retired professor at The College of Staten Island, the City University of NewYork. In 2014, he is the recipient of the John Cage Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Barbara Held flautista y compositora, vive en Barcelona. Su práctica como músico con formación clásica da prioridad a toda una vida de colaboración, de trabajo interdisciplinario en relación con otros artistas. Ha creado un conjunto muy personal de nuevo repertorio para flauta por compositores españoles y estadounidenses, incluido el “Autorretrato” de Alvin Lucier para flauta y anemómetro de viento, y trabajos de cine y performance con Carles Santos y el poeta Joan Brossa. Sus composiciones colaborativas de video y música se han presentado en entornos muy diversos, desde el “Z to A Festival” organizado por el Storefront for Art and Architecture en las calles de New York hasta el Festival LOOP de videoarte en Barcelona. Conocida por su sutil exploración del material sonoro, crea un trabajo de sonido sensible y enfocado que expone el detalle del espacio físico de la escucha.

Katherine Liberovskaya is a Canadian intermedia artist based in New York City. Involved in experimental video since the 80’s, she has produced numerous single-channel video art pieces, video installations and video performances, as well as works in other media, that have shown around the world. Since 2001 her work predominantly focuses on the intersection of moving image with sound/music in various both ephemeral and fixed forms (projections, installations, performance), notably through collaborations with many composers and sound artists in improvised live video+sound concert situations where her live visuals seek to create improvisatory “music” for the eyes. In 2014 she completed a PhD in art practice entitled “Improvisatory Live Visuals: Playing Images Like a Musical Instrument” at the Universite du Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).

And the Second Announcement:

OUT NOW: ce.onl_0033

Contour Editions is pleased to publish the video work Threshold of Predictability: A Trilogy by NYC based media artist Katherine Liberovskaya with music by the legendary composer and filmmaker Phill Niblock. Katherine’s publication consists of three moving image pieces ranging between 30’ to 60’ where a single event unfolds its outcome slowly with transparency towards an inevitable conclusion. Each distinct piece features a different unmistakable drone music composition by Phill Niblock. The three pieces form a trilogy that spans approximately 138’ of audiovisual immersion. For listening and detailed information about Threshold of Predictability visit the publication page within catalog. To learn more about Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock please visit their profiles here: artists

This online project is the latest development to present works that explore the various possibilities of sound and moving image, while also engaging with studio experimentation, materiality, processes, and diverse techniques to create and treat material and media. Contour Editions’ continued effort is to reach audiences globally on a personalized level, facilitating the presentation of independent original works of art. Subsequently, establishing a community of artists sharing similar interests towards incrementally instituting a significant archive of media works.

Online project: ce.onl_0033
Artist: Katherine Liberovskaya with music by Phill Niblock
Title: Threshold of Predictability
Format: Online Screening
Date: 2020

Contour Editions

Hoping everyone is well and safe! Katherine and Phill

With the lock-down now extended to the end of April we also extend our on-line version of Screen Compositions 16 that you can find at:

Once again many thanks to Contour Editions and Richard Garet for helping with getting this on-line.

– SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 16 – curated by Katherine Liberovskaya

For its 16th edition Screen Compositions brings you again without fail a collection of inspiring and inspired intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Benton Bainbridge / Barbara Held; Nathalie Bujold / Michel Langevin (Voivod); Alexandra Dementieva / Guy De Bièvre; Bradley Eros / Lea Bertucci; Muyassar Kurdi / Ka Baird; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock; Geoff Matters / Mike Lerner; Eiichi Tosaki & Jutta Pryor / Hitomi Honda; Twin Automat (Irini Karayannopoulou+Sandrine Cheyrol) / Yannis Saxonis; Adriana Vila Guevara / Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Also continuing is Walter Wright’s wonderful retrospective video program:
(Many thanks to Detta Andrea for help with this)

– WALTER WRIGHT (Lowell, Massachusetts)

Psychology says that “we see what we think we see”; Light falls on the retina and the resulting stimulation is transmitted by the optic nerve to the brain; the brain forms an image, resolves 3D, compares it to the last image thus detecting movement, checks for imminent danger and, finally, compares it to images already stored in memory. The result loops through the mind/body system resulting in an emotional reaction, producing meaning; reality is, in a sense, obscured by our own perceptions; as video artists, it is up to us to dis-cover or un-cover reality, then re-present or re-imagine reality in a manner that changes the viewers perception, to inform rather than affirm, to create rather than imitate – Videos by Walter Wright and a performance by Walter Wright and Al Margolis aka Elka Bong

Hoping everyone is well and safe !
Katherine and Phill
from the Experimental Intermedia Quarantine

Upcoming Shows 2019-2020

Fridman Gallery, NY, 169 Bowery NYC, exhibition of Phill Niblock photo works, etc. and three concerts, from November 24 2019 to January 6 2020

November 30, 9pm until midnight, rainy days festival: Philharmonie Luxembourg – Phill Niblock, «Night shift» Drones and films – Lydia Rilling, curator,

December 2 or 3, Karlsruhe Germany, ZKM

December 21, 6pm until midnight, Roulette, Atlantic Ave and 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY, the Winter Solstice, 6 hours of Phill Niblock films and music

Phill Niblock’s Sound Spectrums − Within Invisible Rivers – Cinéma du réel | 19th & 21st March 2019

At the Pompidou Center for the Cinema du Réel International Film Festival.

The film questions eight years of one of the popes of minimalist music, a major figure to drone music. We visit his New York loft, a real lab that is both his home and his emblematic public concert hall since the sixties. We follow him in his endless tours, to have a glimpse at the secret part of one of the smartest composers alive. We are going to Brno where we follow him while he is setting up a major retrospective exhibition of his work. Phill Niblock went on unveilling his work, making the production of his music accessible to all. We resume following him through the breathtaking mountains of Schratenberg in Austria where he confronts nature or through Hamburg where he indulges on his teenage years in Indiana. We end up in Paris, attending a recording session. The film witnesses the elaboration of a composition with the doom-metal guitar player Stephen O’Malley. It is a sensitive apnea where music and image blend until both end up finding their climax.

Live News Autumn/Winter 2018

October 13,13/15, Unsound Festival in Krakow Poland, at Forum Przestrzenie Klub

22:30 to 00:50 (140 minutes), last on the program, and oldest

Club 89 draws inspiration from the historic Crazy Dragon, which operated in the 90s in the Hotel Forum, one of the most luxurious hotels in Kraków . Named 89 – referencing the end of communism in Poland, and the year the club was built. The interiors have not been changed. The red velvet just like in “Twin Peaks Town” by David Lynch still dominates here. This place with an amazing atmosphere will host equally amazing musicians and artists on this year’s edition of Unsound Festival


October 17+, LUFF Festival in Lausanne CH, PN is the opening set

October from 19 till 24, in Singapore with Carlos Casas, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore,  NTU CCA Singapore is a national research centre of the Nanyang Technological University

October 16 – 27, 6pm opening the 16th;  “musiques murales”, group show with 19 composers curated by frédéric acquaviva, galerie satellite, 7, rue françois de neufchâteau 75011 paris (PN in this show but not in Paris)

October 26-29 in Marienbad CZ, with J Cseres – Marienbad Film Festival

October 31 – Instants Chavires, Paris – produced by Laurent Ligavent, with Thierry Madiot, trombone, live

And in Paris:

October 14 at 6pm in Eglise du Saint-Esprit, 186, avenue Daumesnil, Paris 12ème. Music by Phill Niblock.

Hampus Lindwall, organ. Free entrance. PN not there

October 20 at 8pm in Eglise Saint-Denys-du-Saint-Sacrement, 68, rue de Turenne, Paris 3ème. Program with music by Cory Arcangel, Marcel Duchamp & Phill Niblock. Hampus Lindwall, organ. Free entrance. PN not there

Marienbad Film Festival – Novinky;

festivalu v Mariánských Lázních.


Nov 4,5,6 – Gaida Musica Festival, Vilnius Lithuania; on the 4th, #9.7 (Number Nine point Seven) for Orchestra and Solo Cello (2017, 30 min) with Juho Laitinen, cello, and  Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra; on the 6th, a concert with Film and Music by Phill Niblock

November 23, Tone Deaf Festival in Kingston Ontario, Canada, Nov 15 -24, with a concert by PN and an installation by Katherine Liberovskaya, 17th annual festival of Adventurous Sound Performance, produced by Matt Rogalsky

Novmber 15, Dave Soldier’s class at Columbia Univ, sound art department, in the building with the original Columbia / Princeton Electronic Music Studios

December, first week  –  Gudinni/Jordan Paul, Oaxaca Festival, Mexico

December 21, the Winter Solstice at Roulette, in Brooklyn, 6 hours of Phill Niblock films and music,

December 22, at Holo in Bushwick, Elliot Sharp, Gil Kuno, Maciej Ozog, Gerard Lebik, Bob Bellerue, and Phill Niblock, a memorial / tribute for Zbigniew Karkowski

Phill Niblock at The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG

 Sunday 26 March, 7pm: Live performance of Environments III (100 Mile Radius, 16mm) and Environments IV (Ten Hundred Inch Radii, 16mm film) and Music, with live musicians and dance, 2.5 hours, entrance fee

Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 March, 10am-6pm: Installation of triple digital projection (Environments II, III and IV) and Music by PN

Tate Music and Dance Live Program, the 26th

Ronet – Neil Leonard, tenor saxophone

First Out – David First, guitar

Surge 2 – Thomas Ankersmit, analog synth

V&LSG – Lori Lixenberg and Guy De Bievre, voice and lap steel guitar

Elisabeth Schilling, dance

On the 26th, doors at 6, performance 6:30-9pm

the BMW Tate Live Exhibition series, full program info:

No 1 March 24th  On the first night of the BMW Tate Live Exhibition Lorenzo Senni premieres two new iterations of live electronic music sets investigating the culture and mechanisms of dance music.

No 2 March 25th

No 3 26th   Phill Niblock, and installations the 28th and 29th during the day, and free

No 4 29th   Join us for an insightful video lecture presented by CAMP

No 5 31th  Carlos Casas  and others -> Experience immersive live cinema in the Tanks

No 6  1st April (fools day) See the UK premiere of Ligia Lewis’ minor matter

for the ones not knowing Tate Modern well they should be there in time to making their way to The Tanks

Experimental-Intermedia mailing list



Permanent Installation, South Terrace: Fujiko NakayaLondon Fog with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani
18.10 East Tank: CAMP Four-Letter Film
Until 18.30 Tanks foyer and East Tank: Isabel Lewis Occasion
18.30 South Tank: Phill Niblock 100 Mile Radius (Environment III) and T H I R (aka Ten Hundred Inch Radii) (Environments IV

The third night of the BMW Tate Live Exhibition is dedicated to a special live performance by pioneering artist and musician Phill Niblock, who was pivotal in defining the intermedia approach of the 1960s and 70s.

Niblock presents the last two works in his Environments series, ground-breaking experiments shown in New York City between 1968 and 1972 that combine multi-screen film projection, 35mm colour slides, and dance with original sound. The film materials have been reworked in the intervening years, migrating to video and digital media and will be premiered with new sound compositions played live. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience Niblock’s revolutionary experiments in the immersive presentation of film, music and dance.

News Update | Autumn 2013

I have been remiss in sending this current events out. But this festival in Koln (Cologne), produced by Georg Dietzler, prompts me to do it. And the issue of a new double CD on Touch.

TO91 - Touch Five - Phill Niblock

“Touch Five”, a new double CD on Touch, is published on October 14.
Music by Phill Niblock

CD One:
FeedCorn Ear – Arne Deforce, cello (2012, 29:48)
A Cage of Stars – Rhodri Davies, electric harp (2012, 28:18)

CD Two:
Two Lips – Zwerm Guitar Quartet (2011, 23 minutes)
Two Lips – Dither Guitar Quartet (2011, 23 minutes)
Two Lips – Coh Da Guitar Quartet (2011, 23 minutes)

Sept 28 – 30, Anthology Film Archives, NY – environments films, etc.

At anthology, i’ll show the three screens films from two of the Environments series – Hundred Mile Radius and Ten Hundred Inch Radii, on the 28. not shown since 1970 and 1972-

October 5 – Eybeam (540 W 21st St. New York, NY 1001; 9pm)

Daniel Neumann, producer. On the occasion of renowned experimental composer and filmmaker, Phill Niblock’s 80th birthday, CT-SWaM (Contemporary Temporary Sound Works and Music), Eyebeam’s late night concert series, presents the artist’s intermedia works in three constellations. Including the world premier of a new piece for two violins performed by Pauline Kim and Conrad Harris, and live video dedicated to and performed by Katherine Liberovskaya. The performances will include:World premiere of UNIPOLAR DANCE (an anagram of Pauline Conrad). Music by Phill Niblock, Live Video by Katherine Liberovskaya. This piece is dedicated to Katherine Liberovskaya.
Live sound collage in a duo with Katherine Liberovskaya on live video.
And A CAGE OF STARS with Rhodri Davies, electric harp (28 minutes), and
TWO LIPS, a version with the Coh Da guitar quartet (Robert Poss and David First play live in this concert; Susan Stenger, Seth Josel also on the recording) (23 minutes) and the premiere of the new video transfer of the film

These pieces are to be published on a new double CD on Touch – Touch Five, on October 14 2013, at the Kontraste Festival in Krems Austria.

October 6 – Silent Barn, Brooklyn, with Bob Bellerue

Silent Bomb :: experimental music events at Silent Barn, produced by the folks who bring you Ende Tymes Fest

Phill Niblock
Katherine Liberovskaya + Al Margolis + Leslie Ross
Marcia Bassett + Barry Weisblat
Bob Bellerue + Philip White + Jeff Donaldson
$7 Oct 6 8pm doors, 9pm music
Silent Barn 603 Bushwick Ave J/M Myrtle Broadway

Oct 10 , Riga Latvia , Skanu Mez and CTM (Berlin) collaboration – PN, Stephan Mathieu, KTL –‎

Oct 13 (arrive 11th) – Kontraste Festival, Krems Austria – guest-curated by the sonic acts team from amsterdam., with Thomas Ankersmit
It’s also a Touch artists event, and the new PN Double CD “Touch Five” will be released on

October 14 –

October 25 @ Beirut Art Center on the opening day of the Dream Machine Festival, Beirut Lebanon, with Katherine Liberovskaya and Thomas Ankersmit, and Magda Mayas playing N+M –

October 27 – Katherine Liberovskaya and Al Margolis opening at the EI house in Gent Belgium –

Oct 17 – Nov 10 , Koln PN festival, Georg Dietzler, producer; this festival is long, with many events –

November 15 – Arnolfini, Bristol, UK – Phill Niblock & Thomas Ankersmit
Nov 18 – Huddersfield Music Festival, Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit
Nov 20 – Manca Festival, Villa Arson, Nice Fr, with Thomas Ankersmit
November 23 – Audio Art Festival, Krakow, Poland, with Thomas Ankersmit
Nov 24 – Wroclaw (not confirmed)
Nov 26 – Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden,with Thomas Ankersmit
Nov 29, 30 – Mexx, Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany (PN installation)

other events of my work, but where i will not be present:

Nuit Blanche, Paris France

La Maison des Métallos in the Nuit Blanche, Paris Fr, October 5 2013
A twelve hour exhibition of the Movement of People Working films and music by Phill Niblock (six images and immersive sound). 7pm to 7am


Two huge videos, 30 hours of sound, two huge red sofas in André Bloc’s Habitacle, Meudon. An original space where the galerist Natalie Seroussi presents an unique multimedia performance of the world famous artist, Phill Niblock : Meudrone THIR. The spectator is deeply immersed in a both visual and sonorous experience. Creating a place of meditation.

These works, realized especially for this exhibition space by Phill Niblock, are directly inspired by the flora surrounding the site, and demonstrate the artist capacity to use and to mix music, videos and photography.

Born in Indiana in 1933, Phill Niblock, since the middle of the sixties, is specialized in the realization of multimedia performances. Mostly known for his minimalist compositor talents, he presents simultaneously during his concerts movies showing the movement of working persons or abstract pictures.

Phill Niblock is the director of the Experimental Intermedia Foundation since 1985. During his carreer, he realized more than 1000 performances, was the conservator of the novative XI Records label, and launched a second EI Space in Ghent, Belgium.
This installation on Sunday afternoons, can be visited by appointement during the year. Click here to contact the Galerie Natalie Seroussi.

I wrote a short preview of your Eyebeam show in the Wall Street Journal today (Oct 2), in print in the section “Greater New York” and online here:
Andy Battaglia –

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Phill Niblock Radio Special | resonance104.4fm

Long Wave
8th October – Phill Niblock

Interview with Phill Niblock conducted by Mike Harding over a dodgy Skype connection from Phill’s hotel room in Japan, September 2013

Intros and outros recorded by Jana Winderen in Glasgow, 28th September and Pascal Wyse in London, 18th September; with thanks to Brains & Hunch.

Station IDs: BJNilsen

Interview in Audiovisual Salvage

can be read here:

Phill Niblock Retrospective, Lausanne | January to May 2013

January 29th to May 12th, 2013

Mathieu Copeland, curator

A Phill Niblock retrospective in Lausanne, Switzerland – the exhibition will be realised in partnership between Circuit (Contemporary Art Centre Lausanne) and the Musée de l’Elysée (the national museum devoted to photography)