Events in March 2023

Luca Forcucci (Berlin) at Shift 8pm Tuesday 14

The Room Above was recorded in the church of the Helvetic Circle in Genoa; I played the church’s organ in the present moment, with no score, over four consecutive days, possibly inspired by long sonic walks in the surrounding mountains and along the Ligurian coast; the intrinsic architectural sonic spatial identity of the building entered the recordings; the cumulation of sonic spaces – those initially present, those of field recordings, those of future concert venues, and those imagined by the listener – lead to a sonic moiré, a polyphony of spaces; such a sonic moiré is the perception of several strata of spaces, as is comparable to the perception emerging from Marcel Duchamp’s rotoreliefs between the work and the perceiver, in a cinematic experience for the mind Video:

Leslie Thornton (New York) A Video Event At EHF 7pm Wednesday 15

Will present a retrospective view of her media artworks, including her earliest film, “X-TRACTS”; an episode from her 30 year long project, “Peggy and Fred in Hell”; and recent videos produced while in residence at CERN and Caltech

Jeanne Liotta (New York) A Video Event At EHF 7pm Thursday 16

Will bring some rarely seen media transmissions of energetic and material subjects to the screen: such as outer space, bees, natural philosophy, spirals, ice and noise; starting with an early Mediamystic shadowplay in video made in collaboration with Bradley Eros and ending with a recent live cosmic projection work Path of Totality and

Elico Suzuki (Tokyo) at Shift 8pm Friday 17

suzueri (Elico Suzuki) will play two sets, in the first set will be ‘Piano Plays Piano’, constructing a circuitous and restless live installation using a piano combined with toy pianos; in the second set, she will play her handmade instruments using a visible light transmission system with Sean Meehan

Screen Compositions curated by Katherine Liberovskaya, at Shift A Video Event 8pm Sunday 19

Yet again! and for the first time in-person after 3 years on-line only because of Covid! Screen Compositions: Edition 19 (19 years!) brings you, as always, a collection of inspiring and inspired intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Robert Buck / Gryphon Rue; CHIKA / Merche Blasco + Lucie Vítková + Anette; Martha Colburn / Laura Ortman; Francisco Janes / André Gonçalves + Nuno Moita; Freddy Jouwayed + Ralph Provisero / Gustavo Matamoros; Katherine Liberovskaya / If, Bwana; Adrianne Pope / Pauline Kim; Lily Jue Sheng / Kevin P. Keenan; Janneke van der Putten / Sajjra Xhrs Galarreta; Walter Wright / Al Margolis

Bradley Eros (New York) A Video Event at WhiteBox, 8pm Monday 20

is a mediamystic maverick, who prefers the night & the perfume of eau de cinema, a catalyst screening myriad films & videos, from the 80s to the present with diverse collaborations; works & concepts include: Optipus, Vampÿrates, Mushroom Archive, mystique plastique, subterranean science, poetic accidents, Erotic Psyche, fragmentstein, Oysters of the Id, Eros’ dynamics of the Black Sun, Narcolepsy Cinema, TransTrans, Artaud~Butoh, ephemeral cinema/cinema povera, & negative inspiration

Lary 7 (New York) at WhiteBox, 8pm Tuesday 21

Occupying a realm somewhere between science and music, is a leftover byproduct of the 20th Century tactile physical world . . . Lary 7 is 6 times detritus, plus 5 versions of mistakes, 4 excuses for failure, 3 of the most analog bumps on a log, 2 unexpected goofs, and 1 of the last living _____________s.” (fill in the blank generation . . .with a word that doesn’t make sense.)

Shift: 411 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, starts at 8pm –
WhiteBox: 9 Ave B, at Houston Street, NYC, starts at 8pm –
Emily Harvey Foundation (EHF): 537 Broadway at Spring, NYC, start time here at 7pm –

Our programs are supported by the Phaedrus Foundation, The David & Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc. and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature
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