Events in October

A 24 hour event by Phill Niblock

October 21 2023 at 9pm, for 24 hours, at silent green  Kulturveranstaltungen  in Berlin, Germany – 8 projected films/videos,, from the series The Movement of People Working, with twenty live musicians playing  pieces written for them, (or otherwise noted) composed  by Phill Niblock, produced by Carsten Seiffarth of

Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin, Germany,

Musicians who will play live:

9pm / 2100

Deborah Walker (violoncello) Herbal Cooled 2

Biliana Voutchkova (violin) Unipolar Dance (Conrad Harris and            Pauline Kim on Recording)

11pm / 2300

Natalia Pschenitschnikova (flute) Nataliawork

!am / 0100

Seth Josel (guitar) Sethwork

3am /  0300

Thomas Ankersmit (Serge Synthesizer) Surge 2 (UA)

5am / 0500

Nicola Hein (guitar) Poom (Stephen O’Malley on Recording)

7am / 0700

Anna Clementie  and Phill Niblock (voice) Zound Delta I

9am / 0900

Robyn Schulkowsky (Percushion) Timps in E (Jan Williams on Recording)

11am / 2300

Lucio Capece & Katie Porter (bass clarinets) K&L for KL

3pm / 1500

Anna Clementi and Phill Niblock (voice) Zound Delta II

5pm /  1700

Lucy Railton (violoncello) Harm (Arne Defroce on Recording)

7pm / 1900

Jens Brand (motors) ExplMotors

And the second announcement:…

Phill Niblock’s 90th birthday party at 224 Centre Street, 3rd floor, NYC, at Grand Street on Monday, October 2

It is happening with a few surprises

Looks like I come from the Village Care Rehabilitation facility, on a visit to my loft.

Let’s have the start of the party to be 6 PM, but at about 10:30 PM I have to go back to Village Care, leaving you all to party on your own, and the party continues

Please come I want to see you ALL

Bring a bit of wine or other drinks, if you like.

Pretzels will be served, any other food that you bring, like cakes, will go to the kitchen to be served