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It’s time for the EI March Series again, the first one without our beloved Phill Niblock (!)
This March again at a few different venues. Please note all the different locations.
In addition to in-person all our evenings are live-streamed from our website:

As well we audio stream the concerts live on the Web Radio section of the Wave Farm Website:


The Fifty-First Anniversary of EI performances, the Fifty-Sixth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Fifty-Sixth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least, The Thirty-Fourth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part Two (or B). Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock curators

MARCH 2024 – All events at 7PM in all places
Please note all the different venues for this series
Suggested donation $10 except Monday 18th at Zürcher Gallery 2 sets / $20

Dave Seidel (New Hampshire) – at Harvestworks Sunday 17
A performance of the entirety of my three-part electronic drone work “Involution”, from the eponymous XI Records release: A study in complex microtonal sonorities derived from various just intonation tunings and scales; This is the premiere of a new revision of the piece – –

Kaffe Matthews (Berlin) – at Zürcher Gallery Monday 18
Live processing 15th century alchemical systems through the Riple; An instrument occupied with the generation and processing of all colours of noise, designed through discoveries made by the British alchemist George Ripley; Noise, colours, lightning, square waves and clocks, mashed with salt and fed by mercury to feed the Toad, the gold, the final output? Today with the WORM on vocals –

Sarah Bernstein (NYC) – at Zürcher Gallery Monday 18
Solo violin/voice performance utilizing heavily-processed sound and raw expression, melding noise, electronic improvisation, art rock and existential poetry into an ecstatic unity –

Lary 7 (NYC) – at WhiteBox Tuesday 19
Occupying a realm somewhere between science and music, is a leftover byproduct of the 20th Century tactile physical world . . . Lary 7 is 6 times detritus, plus 5 versions of mistakes, 4 excuses for failure, 3 of the most analog bumps on a log, 2 unexpected goofs, and 1 of the last living _____________s.” (fill in the blank generation . . .with a word that doesn’t make sense.)

William Hooker (NYC) – at WhiteBox Wednesday 20
“The Mind World”…Part 1 – is a solo auditory visual experience of sounds directed through spontaneous musical improvisations augmented by dance movements / as viewed by the audience; Thereby, exploring energy levels – directions and the communion (of the being /spirit) with the viewing audience; With dance by Yaching Cheung: In addition there will be a live improvisation with Phill Niblock’s video-audio piece “Hooker-Niblock” (2015-19)

Joan Jonas (NYC) – at EHF Friday 22
Joan Jonas will screen a selection of older and newer video works –

Rina Sherman (Paris) / Phill Niblock – at EHF Saturday 23
On one of my first trips to New York after coming to Paris in exile in 1984, Phill Niblock filmed a portrait of me in a series of portraits, Anecdotes From Childhood, that featured in his 2007 exhibition at the Gahlberg Gallery and was taken up in Working Title (2013) published by Presses du réel in a bilingual edition; Phill Niblock traveled constantly, and we saw each other often when he came to perform in Paris; In 2013, I made a cineportrait of him, “Phill Niblock, Minimalist Composer and Intermedia Artist” (Rina Sherman, VOICES, rencontres avec des personnes remarquables); Both portraits will be screened –

3 moving image impressions of Phill Nibloc – at EHF Sunday 24
“Singterview with Phill Niblock” (2015) by Loré Lixenberg (London); “The Movement of Phill Niblock” (2015) by Maurits Wouters (Turnhout, Belgium); “PHILL NIBLOCK: The Movement of People Working, Centre Pompidou Paris 29 November 2014” (2015) by Gilles Paté (Paris)

SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 20 curated by Katherine Liberovskaya – at ISSUE Monday 25
This year Screen Compositions celebrates its 20th anniversary! Our jubilee edition brings you, as ever, a collection of always captivating and inspired intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Deborah Bernagozzi / Jason Bernagozzi; Patrick Bokanowski / Michele Bokanowski; Navel Cassidy / Michael Evans; Holly Fisher / Lois V Vierk; Gisela Gamper / Pauline Oliveros+Zach Layton+Jonas Braasch; Richard Garet / Barbara Held; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock+Francisco Janes; Ursula Scherrer / Marcia Bassett; Claudia Schmitz / Ute Wassermann; Sara C. Sun / Michael Vincent Waller

Harvestworks: 596 Broadway #602, New York, NY 10012 –
Zürcher Gallery: 33 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012 –
WhiteBox: 9 Ave B, New York, NY 10009, at Houston Street –
Emily Harvey Foundation (EHF): 537 Broadway #2, New York, NY 10012, at Spring –
ISSUE Project Room: 22 Boerum Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11201 –

Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013 212 431 5127 and

Our programs are supported by the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, the Phaedrus Foundation, the Ulla Dydo Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Office of the Governor and the New York State
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