Cyland MediaArtLab: CYFEST 15: Vulnerability | 19th April 2024

Cyland MediaArtLab is pleased to invite you to the opening of CYFEST 15: Vulnerability

on Friday, April 19, 2024 at 5:30 pm at CREA—One Contemporary Art Space, Venice. The exhibition is on view until August 30, 2024. Please find the detailed information below.

Cantieri del Contemporaneo
Giudecca 211-b
Venice, Italy

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We are excited to announce the upcoming CYFEST 15: Vulnerability opening in April at CREA—One Contemporary Art Space, Venice, Italy.

The (anti)fragility of biological, social and cyberspaces, personal memories, and scientific imagination, the facsimile of rain, artistic exploration of non-human co-authorship, and a connection between knitting patterns and Mandelbrot sets all converge in our new major group exhibition.

The program features installation, performance, and discursive formats. Key commissions include the multi-disciplinary project Drop Tracer, studying nonhuman agencies and the relationship between images and the natural world by Tuula Närhinen. Ann Marie Maes’ bacterial-grown skins investigate the sculptural potential of organic materials and interfaces between the human and the non-human, the macroscopic and the microscopic. Pioneers of science art, Where Dogs Run collective, look at the terms of the Mandelbrot sets as expressed through knitting patterns in a live performative installation. Mariateresa Sartori, through the frottage technique, gives value to the unseen geology and casts light upon the little-known story of the quarry in Rosà, Vicenza. Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov’s media installation recreates the concept of Time Density developed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev. This exhibition also features rarely exhibited monotypes «Re-Pressions» by the acclaimed Armenian artist Samvel Baghdasaryan (1956-2017), experimental video art works by Fabrizio Plessi, inflatable fabric sculptures by Irina Korina, architectural and urbanistic objects made of recycled LEDs by Alexandra Dementieva, newly commitioned installation by Anna Frants and much more.

The full list of artists include: Samvel Baghdasaryan, Ludmila Belova, Max Blotas, Alexandra Dementieva, Alexey Dymdymarchenko, Yvetta Fedorova, Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova & Ivan Govorkov, Irina Korina, Natalia Lyakh, AnneMarie Maes, Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya, Tuula Närhinen, Nao Nishihara, Fabrizio Plessi, Mariateresa Sartori, Monica Naranjo Uribe, Where Dogs Run.

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CYFEST 15 is organized by CYLAND International MediaArtLab. The project’s general sponsor is One Market Data. The project is made possible in collaboration with the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, The Centre for Studies in Russian Art — CSAR, LEONARDO ISAST, Samvel Baghdasaryan Art Foundation, and Weave.

Photo credits: Edith Bunimovich & CYLAND Media Art Lab