Events in October and November and December 2022

September 21-24, the festival – shut up and listen!, produced by Bernhard Gal, at echoraum, Vienna, Austria, a presentation of Working Touch by Phill Niblock, four hours of Film as Video with Music, presented on a large Video Monitor with headphones during the whole festival, as well as a live event during the festival And many other artists
PN not present

October 2, a reception at White Box Gallery, 9 Ave B, NY, to celebrate PNs 89th Birthday and the release of a new Touch project of Phill Niblock – Working Touch, a USB stick in a CD sized Digipack, with 4 hours of video with four hours of music made from 2013 to 2016, files of video with music and of CD quality music. An evening organized by Katherine Liberovskaya and WhiteBox

PN very present!!

October 9 2022, Sunday – Montreal Canada – Espace Bleu | Édifice Wilder –
Inside Your Ears, Productions Totem Contemporain – Representation(S)

An unforgettable immersive experience, Inside your ears showcases the siren organ with its rich and powerful vibrations and tones! Jean-François Laporte’s emblematic instrument composed of six truck sirens will be augmented for the occasion.

An intrepid explorer of sound in all its originality and physicality, Totem Contemporain presents three works by Benjamin Thigpen, Phill Niblock, and Jean-François Laporte, respectively two world premieres and a Canadian premiere. Alone on stage, seated in the middle of the horns facing the audience, Jean-François Laporte modifies the volume, attack, and timbre of the sounds produced, in an entirely acoustic manner. The siren organ has a brilliance and presence that makes the body vibrate, reminiscent of the ship’s horns in harbour symphonies.
PN not resent but on Zoom

October 12 – WEDNESDAY, 8pm, False Harmonics #12: TILT Brass & Zeena Parkins (Performing the music of Julius Eastman, Phill Niblock & Zeena Parkins) feat. James Fei and Josh Henderson, at Pioneer Works, 159 Pioneer Street Brooklyn and
PN Present

October 10-25 2022 – Cyfest-14: Yerevan, Armenia, on the 18th, a set by Katherine Liberovskaya & Anoush Moazzeni of Video and Music, a set with the Music and Films/Video by Phill Niblock
PN present on Zoom

October 22 2022 – Festival ECHONANCE #1 – Pioneers in the Orgelpark-Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Curated by Claudio F Baroni & Ezequiel Menalled, with Modelo62 ensemble, Scordatura Ensemble, plus guest artists, featuring work by Phill Niblock, Eliane Radigue, James Tenney, Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger, Annea Lockwood, and Stefano Scodanibbio.

PN not present

Oct 27, 2022, 7pm, at Blank Forms, Rhodri Davies Plays Éliane Radigue, Ellen Arkbro, And Phill Niblock, 468 Grand Ave. #1D, Brooklyn, NY 11238
PN not present

November 2 – 28, a residency for PN & KL at the Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice Italy

December 2, a concert in Brussels produced by Sub Rosa, place TBA