Winter 2010

Experimental Intermedia
The Thirty-seventh Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The Forty-second Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Forty-second Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least, The Twenty-first Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A). [Phill Niblock, curator]

December 2010

Sunday 5th
Keith Rowe and Kjell Bjorgeengen (France, Norway)
The performance does not have a specific title, it’s live video / sound / performance – video is audio generated and produced in real time with no pre-recorded images; they have been working on this project for several years; it deals with a precarious situation both artistically and technically resulting in a music / video performance that cannot be easily preconceived…

Monday 6th
MIha Ciglar (Slovenia) will perform an improvised set based on “no input mixing board” feedback concepts and present the recent research project that is being developed at IRZU, where we are working on a method for creating a tactile feedback signal with acoustic pressure waves, utilizing airborne ultrasound to generate a force field in mid-air that can be sensed in a tactile way; the interface we developed allows a musician to feel the actual sound (its temporal and harmonic texture) while allowing him to mold and shape it – change its acoustic appearance directly with his hands.

Wednesday 8 th
John Hudak (New York) will present a collection of electroacoustic miniatures inspired by European folk melodies, Asian street songs, and the inflections inherent in the speaking voices of various peoples of the world; from the murmurings of medieval monks to the songs of birds, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Friday 10th
Byron Westbrook (New York)
To celebrate the first cd release of Byron Westbrook’s CORRIDORS project on Sedimental Records, showcasing works for multi-channel audio and video; partially composed and partially improvised, CORRIDORS takes pre-processed instrumental improvisations and re-distributes them through a customized multi-channel audio system, reacting to the response of a performance space; video elements are sources of light processed to reduce identification of form, object and location.

Friday 17
Dafna Naphtali and Chuck Bettis (New York)
CHATTER BLIP is a duo performance piece by Chuck, electronics/voice and Dafna, electronics/processing/voice, an interstellar multi-character audio operetta involving a multitude of human, alien, and machine voices, in a mash-up of primal and classic sci-fi, electro-acoustics and lo-fi video communications.

Sunday 19th
boris d hegenbart-matsui and Volker Straebel (Berlin)
A double bill of electronic music from Berlin: Hegenbart presents his “musicforclouds”, a live performance utilizing synthetic sound in slowly evolving layered processes of meteorological beauty; Straebel premiers two of his “sound observations”, in which soundscape recordings (one from Niblock’s fire escape) are superimposed and then spacialised and closely observed by means of sliding filters.

Monday 20th
Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa, a memorial fellowship named for the Portuguese Intermedia Artist, sponsored by the Luso-Americana Foundation and the Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon, coordinated by Isabel Alves, presents an intermedia performance by Carlos Manuel Da Silva Antonio (Portugal).
shadoWMan (Kako) – (self)-made movie, a poetic machine that tangles and redistributes sounds and images, subjects and objects, actions and perceptions; an inorganic machine that brings up a heart beat as an organ to materialize an arithmetic of emotions; a film-poem that produces de-configured spaces – a movie that makes itself from the inside.

Tuesday 21st
Phill Niblock (New York) 6pm until 12am
Now 77 (gulp), and doing still, six hours of films and music for the winter solstice; many new hours of 16mm film transferred to video, and some of that newly modified for the better, plus 16mm film projection
Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, the Aaron Copland Fund, and the Phaedrus Foundation
224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013 9pm $4.99
212 431 5127, 431 6430, and
All of the EI December concerts are being streamed on free103point9 Online Radio; to hear the live stream during the posted events: (we start to stream at about 9:30)