News Update | Winter 2010

On New Music Box, the online magazine published by the American Music Center, Phill Niblock is interviewed by Frank J. Oteri. The December issue. Their front cover blurb on the website (nice, smiley picture there, too):

Phill Niblock: Connecting the Dots

Phill Niblock Niblock never formally studied musical composition and did not even start composing until he was 35. Four decades later, he’s more fired up than many composers one-third his age, and his mind-bending sonic experiences attract devotees of experimental music and even the indie rock and laptop crowds.

Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit interviewed by The Wire On Air (Derek Walmsley)
On Resonance FM London – (archived).
Full details:

October 27, noon to three – Kurt Gottschalk hosts Phill Niblock on WFMU 91.1, live, playing music by PN and a few hours of PN’s Jazz Faves
“Just prior to his appearance at the Ear to the Earth Festival in NYC, drone pioneer Phill Niblock will pay a visit to the WFMU studios to chat and guest DJ. While his own music is noted for its length and stillness (he does a 6-hour concert at his loft every December), Niblock is a huge fan of early jazz and bebop, and will be bringing some of his favorite high-speed saxophone music to play on the air. “ KG
Miniature Minotaur Radio, Wednesdays at Noon – a link to listen to the live stream or archive (plus the above and anything else anyone could need) is here:

Touch Radio 57 | Phill Niblock
A web radio program
19.11.10 – Sound Delta – 39:16 – 192 kbps
1. Zound Delta (21:52)
2. Bells & Timps (5:30)
3. BuchBel (11:54)
Zound Delta was made at a residency with the European Sound Delta Project in 2009. The sounds were recorded from the mouth of the Danube River at the Black Sea, – to about 200km upstream, at Russe Bulgaria. In Russe, there was a festival, and the finished piece was played. There were boats (Belgian barges outfitted as living boats) starting at the mouth of the Danube and the Rhine Rivers, with changing residents, for several months.

Bells & Timps was made using church bells in Gent Belgium, recorded by Godfried Willem Raes of Logos Foundation, in 1986. I modified the time by stretching vastly, and some changes in pitch as well.
BuchBel was recorded during an overnight train ride from Bucharest to Belgrade. All sounds are from the train, with many layerings. The train trip was immediately after the festival in Russe, Bulgaria, in 2009.
All of the pieces were made in ProTools.
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Sonic Circuits presents on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 8:00pm
Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA
A Variation of Sets by Al Margolis (If, Bwana) / Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock
Part 1: Live Video by Katherine Liberovskaya, with live mixing of audio pieces by Phill Niblock
Part 2: Al Margolis (If, Bwana) music (prerecorded and live sounds)
Part 3: Katherine Liberovskaya, live video and Al Margolis (If, Bwana), music (prerecorded and live sounds)
Part 4: Music and Film (video) by Phill Niblock

At Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street, New York, December 21
Phill Niblock (New York)
6pm until 12am Tuesday 21
Now 77 (gulp), and doing still, six hours of films and music for the winter solstice; many new hours of 16mm film transferred to video, and some of that newly modified for the better, plus 16mm film projection

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