News Update | June 2011

June 11, 9pm – Japan Benefit at EI, including Rei Nakajima, Keiko Uenishi, Katherine Liberovskaya, and a screening of Japan89, a film by Phill Niblock, with music.
The film, Japan 89, was filmed in coastal villages north of Sendai, Japan, and along the south coast of Hokkaido Island. These villages were destroyed by the Tsunami of March 11 2011, and many of the people were lost.
Proceeds from this event will go to the Japan Society’s “Japan Earthquake Relief Fund”
At Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street, NY

June 13 (Monday), 7pm – Video screening by Phill Niblock at Microscope Gallery, (Topolo 1 and 2, and Remo Osaka2)
MICROSCOPE, 4 Charles Place, Brooklyn NY 11221, 347.925.1433

June 19 (Sunday) at Pianos, 7pm – Music by Phill Niblock and Michael V Waller – NewIdeas MusicSeries @ Pianos (158 Ludlow / Stanton)

End Times festival June 24-26. PN Saturday June 25 at 10:20 at Silent Barn – a noise & experimental music festival at the Silent Barn and Outpost in Brooklyn. it will be 3 nights of music, with movies, workshops, installations, potlucks, BBQs and good times. Al Margolis and Katherine Liberovskaya also have a set that night. Bob Bellerue –