The Thirty-eighth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The Forty-third

Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Forty-third Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least, The Twenty-second Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part Two (or B)

Phill Niblock, curator

March 2012

Carl Stone Tuesday 20
New pieces for laptop electronics from 2011 and 2012
http://www.sukothai.com http://rlsto.net

Mia Zabelka Wednesday 21
Project M – Mia Zabelka, e-violin, voice, electronics, contact microphones; Mia Makela, visuals; with special guest Martin Janicek, sonic objects – Zabelka’s new solo focuses on the development of experimental improvisational techniques with the voice and violin, a process she calls “automatic playing”; she explores the relationships between the body, gesture, sound, machines and space using also live electronics to expand the sonic spectrum; the visualization of Mia Makela creates a synaesthetic experience; Martin Janicek – sculptor, sound artist and musician from Prague, CZ, works with acoustic qualities of various materials; he will use the sonic objects realized during the ongoing residency at Triangle Art Association studios NY (supported by Visegrad Fund) www.miazabelka.com www.miamakela.net http://efemera-ephemera.org/events/Echofluxx11/MJanicek/index.html

Christian Kobi (Bern) Thursday 22
“untitled #2” for saxophone was developed in Budapest between summer and winter 2011; it explores the non-understanding of a language, on the inner search for articulation, and the
microscopic examination of voice, air, and the instrument; it is the second part of a solo
saxophone trilogy, following the 2010 piece “Canto” www.christiankobi.ch trailer: http://vimeo.com/32783672

Alwynne Pritchard (UK/Norway) Friday 23
The composer and vocalist (voice, harmonica, electronics) will perform a set based on sentimental 19th century parlor songs
www.alwynnepritchard.co.uk www.myspace.com/alwynnepritchard

Gert-Jan Prins (Amsterdam , NL) Sunday 25
Will present a solo electronics set: Cavity: the NYC version; combining the use of self-built analogue equipment with an awareness of aural surfaces and dimensions, creating dense textures colored by rumbles, inner bass waves, a rattle, a flow…; how to empty a space after saturating it, how to play with expectations by reversing them…; spatial sense: both the sense of sculpting space with frequencies, and the sense of space inside electronic circuits…; open form /closed system…energetic, urgent, temporal, visceral, and delicate www.gjp.info

Screen Compositions 8 Monday 26
curated by Katherine Liberovskaya
The eighth edition of Screen Compositions is, as always, a collection of intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/ film artists and sound/ music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Carlos Andrade / Rafael Attias; Elle Burchill / Andrea Monti; Macha Godovannaya / Phil Corner; Ali Hossaini / Paola Prestini; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock; Jenny Pickett / Julien Ottavi; Nana Schulz / Josef Novotny; Peter Shapiro / Chuck Bettis; Steina / Joan La Barbara

Screen Compositions – Solo Practices Tuesday 27
curated by Katherine Liberovskaya
Screen Compositions – Solo Practices presents, for the first time in the context of this series, visual-sonic single-channel screen works where the same artist is responsible for both the image and the music/sound; with pieces by: Betsey Biggs; Richard Garet; Miya Masaoka; Ikue Mori; Phill Niblock; Michael Northam; Andrea Parkins; Matt Rogalsky; Byron Westbrook; followed by several audio-video pieces by Richard Lainhart – who sadly suddenly passed on December 30th – as a small homage to his life and work
Koosil-ja and Geoff Matters (Korea, New York) Wednesday 28
Ecology of Image of Body (March 2012 edition) – choreographer Koosil-ja, assisted by media artist Geoff Matters, shares a glimpse into her current experiments and explorations; using the body in motion, brainwaves, sound, image, and words, Koosil-ja questions the boundaries of the body, the nature of presence, and the definition of Dance www.dancekk.com

Emanuel Pimenta (Portugal) Thursday 29
Beethoven’s Cage, M and Ocean 2: three concerts and two movies, all simultaneous;
50 minutes www.emanuelpimenta.net

Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, and the Phaedrus Foundation
224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013
9pm, 212 431 5127, 431 6430
www.experimentalintermedia.org and www.XIrecords.org