The Forty-fourth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The Forty-ninth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Forty-ninth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least, The Twenty-seventh Annual Festival  with no fancy name, Part Two (or B)

Phill Niblock, curator

March 2017


Sergey Komarov and Alexey Grachev (Russia)
Friday 3

Subjectivization of Sound, a sound performance that gradually transforms into an interactive installation – is based on interaction with space and viewers; by contrasting and matching two principles of the synthesis of electronic sound, analog and digital, each time the audio artists create a new sound that includes the sense of space, people and everything around them. the chief instruments of Grachev are the development environment Max/MSP and the platform Arduino for communication with space, and the analog modular synthesizer of Komarov; the mobility and variability of the performance are of great significance: any available equipment which happens to be on the site can be used; An Audio Performance Project by CYLAND Media Art Lab


Matt Mottel  and Kevin Shea  (New York)
Sunday 5

Endgame of the Anthropocene is Talibam!’s (Matt Mottel – synthesizers and

Kevin Shea- drums, electronics) first cinematic performance of through-composed ecogothic geosonics; it is the soundtrack to 2048’s despotic nationalism and crumbling international infrastructure, underscoring an eco-mercantilistic tragedy and the desperate plundering of Antarctica, the last pristine landscape on Earth; it is a dystopian sonic pronouncement of failed socio-environmental memes, and features Talibam!’s emergence into hyperkinetic rhythm-based instrumental/electronic music; this music will be released on ESP-DISK in the second half of 2017



Barry Weisblat (New York)                                                                                      Wednesday 8 

Known for performance with live electronics // a rare presentation of mundane field recordings gathered in quadraphonic arrangements using extended recording techniques and various self-made transducers which will be on display


Vytautas V. Jurgutis, Vaclovas Nevcesauskas (Lithuania) – A Video Event
Thursday 9

METROSCAN: A live audiovisual concert by Jurgutis (live electronics) and Nevcesauskas (live video) which reflects electronics, glitch, beats, noise, realtime generated  computer  graphics, visuals, various nowadays data streams, post-urban and post-internet aesthetics; the title of the work has derived from Metro, Metropolis, Metronome, Metrics and similar meanings and inspirations, these many-sided concepts are digitally objectified and originally developed in this project; the project is based on a purely digital aesthetics where specially live generating visual structures and diligent images interflow and interact with sophisticated electronic music – endless layers and textures of purely digital sound balanced on the edge of audibility, peculiar and diverse rhythms and pulsations


Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania


Tom Hamilton
Friday 10

Zero Crossing Inquiry – something old, something new: Robert Ashley’s 1979 text “A Last Futile Stab at Fun,” read by Mimi Johnson, with new electronic music composed and performed by Tom Hamilton; plus Hamilton’s “Beacon” for solo flute and electronics, performed by Jacqueline Martelle.



Jon Abbey (USA) – DJing continuously from 3-11 PM
Sunday 12

Erstwhile Records programs a very special day/night of electroacoustic music created from 2013-2016, including work from Toshiya Tsunoda, Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto, Graham Lambkin, Takahiro Kawaguchi/Utah Kawasaki, Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil, Michael Pisaro, Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet, Keith Rowe and more. Also Gabi Losoncy (Graham Lambkin-Community) and Devin DiSanto (Michael Pisaro-Anabasis) will be performing live simultaneously with the mentioned works after guidance from the initial composers beforehand.



Ying Liu (China, New York) – A Video Event
Monday 13

“Wow, can’t believe that’s what you think of me…” An evening of virtual reality and performance celebrating tiny, trivial thoughts and creativity, and incomplete information; punctuating the night will be videos using my “tattooing” technique, which superimposes animation on to live action



SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 13 – Curated by Katherine Liberovskaya

Tuesday 14

It’s the thirteenth year of Screen Compositions; in Chinese culture (and we’re in Chinatown) 13 is very lucky and means “definitely vibrant”; so this 2017 edition presents a most definitely vibrant collection of intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Magdalena Campos-Pons / Neil Leonard; Paul Clipson / Byron Westbrook; Julie Doucet / Anne-f. Jacques; Janene Higgins / Cassis B Staudt; Luis Macias / Alfredo Costa Monteiro; Geoff Matters / Dok Gregory; Laetitia Morais / Carlos Guedes; Dafna Naphtali / Hans Tammen; Mercedes Peris / Ferrer-Molina; Paola Pisani / Alessandro Fogar


Jacob Burckhardt (New Jersey) – A Video Event
Wednesday 15

Across the river to the west, another land, another home; New Movies of children, storms, industry, wastelands, looming New York, dancing in the street; with sound tracks by composers such as Marc Ribot and Cenk Ergun, or with improvised noises