Live June 19th, 20th and 21st

This is an announcement about 4 online music events on June 19, 20 and 21
The letter is from, the producer of these music events, and they feature Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya, and this is a test event of their website and eventual series of webcasts

On Saturday afternoon, the event will be a virtual premier of a new music piece by Phill, finished the day before, of course, named Poom, with Stephen O’Malley playing e-bowed guitar, from sound material recorded in the Trace Elements studio of Robert Poss, 28 minutes long

The event will begin with a set by Phill and Katherine Liberovskaya

An improvised sound collage by Katherine Liberovskaya & Phill Niblock
Phill Niblock: live mixing of field recordings
Katherine Liberovskaya: live small percussion instruments and other objects and gadgets

Note that the Saturday afternoon event is at 3pm NY time, and 9pm European time

You can see the poster with Katherine’ drawing and the on-line version of OdA’s newsletter

Letter from


Today we would like to invite you to spend the weekend with us and the artists Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya.

Regardless of what you know about the work of Phill and Katherine, speaking to someone like Perry is always interesting. Perry is a sound artist and the creator of the Oda speakers, which you will hear more about later this summer. Perry says: “Phill Niblock is often labelled a minimalist. This amounts to a dismissal. I would say monumentalist, because the sound is so thoroughly consuming, and commanding of attention. As when a tree falls in a forest, if you’re not giving this music your full attention does it even exist?”

Phill and Katherine have been collaborating together since the early 2000’s. In the past week, Perry has been working with them almost daily with sound-checks in advance of this weekend’s shows.

“You know, Katherine Liberovskaya is well known as a video artist, often collaborating with musicians to provide a visual element with musical qualities”, Perry says. “What I think is really interesting is, on this occasion, she is a musician. In this context she performs sound with visual qualities. It is hard not to conjure an image of how each sound is created.” He ends, “I so look forward to hearing this with Oda, which engages the room it is in so differently than any other speakers!”

Here is this weekend’s schedule:

Friday, June 19 at 9pm ET
Phill Niblock – Live
Vlada BC, for viola d’amore 20 min
Exploratory Ensemble Phoenix Basel 22 min
Noizzze One,for the I R E Trio 23 min
A Cage of Stars, for electric built harp 28 min
Five More String Quartets 25 min
127 min = 2 hr 7 min

Saturday, June 20 at 3pm ET
An improvised sound collage by Katherine Liberovskaya & Phill Niblock – Live
“POOM” by Phill Niblock – Live (World Premiere!)

Saturday, June 20 at 9pm ET
Phill Niblock – Live
Herbal Cooled2, for cello  23 min
ExploratoryTiltBrass,for brass ensemble 22min
Baobab Bozzini String Quartet 23 min
A Rooks Pun, for soprano saxophone  23 min
Bag, for Scotish bagpipes 21 min
Ronet, for tenor saxophone 21 min
135 min = 1 hour 15 min

Sunday, 21 at 9pm ET
Phill Niblock – Live
Guitar too, for Four-Massed, for many guitars played with e-bow 30 min
Exploratory Arditti String Quartet 23 min
Euph, for Two Belled Euphonium 24 min
FeedCorn Ear 30 min
Praised Fan, for bassoon 17 min
V&LSG, for voice and lap steel guitar 21 min
145 min = 1 hour 25 min

To listen, please visit at the performance times listed above. If you leave your browser open, the broadcast will begin automatically as they start.