Phill Niblock Projects in the works for 2020/21 | 10 CDs and LPs, or more, of Music, some Video

1   6 or 7 CDs  – The Exploratory Project, now looks like it will be 7 CDs with 18 versions of the scored piece –  Exploratory, on the Matière Mémoire of Belgium label. The label wants to put each CD out separately, at first, like one every month or two, then make the box set, starting perhaps in January 2021

2   2 CDs – a 2 CD set of the 5 new music pieces commissioned by Mathieu Copeland, through the Hermes Foundation of Japan, to be published by Matière Mémoire, and to result in an Exhibition in the Hermes Gallery in Tokyo, of just these music pieces, with no visuals; the music: Poom, with Stephen O’Malley; Herbal Cooled, with Deborah Walker, ExplMaranha, with David Maranha; Expl, with a Japanese Choir; Noizze, with Kasper Toeplitz, bass; Franck Vigroux, guitar; Helene Brischand, harp,  as I R E

3   1 CD – a 2 CD set, with one of the CDs a scored piece – Baobab, played in Dortmund Germany by the Dorf ensemble of 35 musicians, in September 2019, with the second CD, pieces by Jan Klare, co-published by XI Records and Umland records

4   1 CD – a new piece – Nudaf, 65 minutes, with Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon, to be published in Israel by Amnon Wolman on the AKOH Media label (not yet out)

5   1 CD – Music for Organ, two pieces with Hampus Lindwall, organ, on the Matière Mémoire of Belgium label, on LP as well

An LP from BullMiletic of Oslo Norway, with two pieces by PN named Zoom Blue Dot 5 and 6, out soon

Lawrence English, of Room40 in Australia, is re-issuing two CDs of mine: – Ghosts and Others and Guitar Too, For Four
G2,44 was originally issued by Jim O’Rourke, on the Moikai Label
G2, 44 CD is now issued (July 2020) and can be ordered from:
and now he may re-issue the Extreme label DVD, of my films from Peru, Mexico, Hong Kong and Hungary with my music, published many years ago, and recently out of print

There is the project on the label Touch, with two films – China88 and Japan89, and four hours of music by me, to be published on a USB stick, but the production has been delayed but it will be out

Browner, a new piece, for the 20 artist project for Matière Mémoire, the Belgian label, which will result in 20 LPs with a new piece from each artist on one side, and an artwork (visual) from them, on the other; this piece made with materials from four artists – Arne Deforce, cello; Deborah Walker, cello; Erik Drescher, flute; Dafne Vicent Sandoval, bassoon, recorded in Marcus Schmickler’s studio in Koln, with a Brauner microphone

A video on Vimeo  – HookerNiblock, IN SOLIDARITY, with the recent uprisings of Black Lives Matter, a collaborative video by Phill Niblock and William Hooker – “Hooker-Niblock” (2015-19; 17:49; HD)
William Hooker, music, Phill Niblock, video
To view:
This piece was presented at Screen Compositions 15 (March 18th 2019), Curated by Katherine Liberovskaya, at Experimental Intermedia NYC March 2019 Concert Series, and it was recently revised

I put a piece on – Vlada BC, with Elisabeth Smalt, viola d’amore, premiered in November 2013, a month after my 80th birthday, I like it very much, and I was only 80

And another project, a video with my music, which you can look at/listen to, here:
Muna Tseng, dance; Phill Niblock, music and video, 1992

A new music piece by Phill Niblock, Poom (June 2020, 28 min), with e-bowed guitar tones by Stephen O’Malley, recorded at the Trace Elements Studio, NY, by Robert Poss, constructed and mixed at Experimental Intermedia in NY, by Phill Niblock

Contour Editions online project: ce.onl_0033; Artist: Katherine Liberovskaya with music by Phill Niblock; Title: Threshold of Predictability; Format: Online Screening; Date: 2020; Contour Editions is pleased to publish the video work Threshold of Predictability: A Trilogy by NYC based media artist Katherine Liberovskaya with music by the legendary composer and filmmaker Phill Niblock. Liberovskaya’s publication consists of three moving image pieces ranging between 30’ to 60’ where a single event unfolds its outcome slowly with transparency towards an inevitable conclusion. Each distinct piece features a different unmistakable drone music composition by Phill Niblock. The three pieces form a trilogy that spans approximately 138’ of audiovisual immersion. For listening and detailed information about Threshold of Predictability visit the publication page within catalog. To learn more about Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock please visit their profiles here: artists

A new LP and CD with Giovanni De Dona, of, with “Sound Collage” pieces, not music, – Crick (et); Bells & Timps, Bells Syros and Zound Delta

A double LP edition, from in Milan IT, a re-issue of the XI CD – Four Full Flutes, PK,with Petr Kotik; SLS, with Susan Stenger, PK and SLS, a mix of those two pieces, and the full length of this piece, a premier; and Winterbloom Too,with Eberhard Blum; all on flute

Soon to be re-issued, the DVD of Six Films, newly retransferred from the 16mm films, in HD resolution, with newly mastered sound – The Magic Sun (the Sun Ra Arkestra); Annie; Max (Neuhaus); Raoul; Dog Track; Morning; on the Die Schachtel label, by, in Milan IT; it was transferred at Postworks/Technicolor in NY and color balanced by Laura Stayton with Adam Hogan

I am playing at Roulette in NY, in my yearly December 21, Winter Solstice concert, six hours of music never before played at Roulette, most of them New York premiers, and many World premiers; there are another 3 to 6 hours of pieces, not played at Roulette, which would not fit in the program; the concert will be recorded and available after December 21 –


A Listing of Exploratory projects, as of 2020:
I have a new, scored piece for ensemble – the full name is
“Exploratory, Rhine Version, Looking for Daniel”, 22 minutes
These are different versions of the score, played by the groups or solo artists mentioned

ExplPhoenixBasel, by the Ensemble Phoenix of Basel CH, the commissioners
ExplArdittiSQ, the Arditti String Quartet, recorded and played in Krakow, Sept 2019
ExplLisbon, self played ensemble by David Maranha
ExplWatson, David Watson, half scottish bagpipes, half e-bowed guitar
ExplTiltBrass, 2 flugelhorns, 4 trombones, 1 tuba
ExplFirstHarmonica, David First, bass harmonica, harmonica
ExplAddacSynth, Andre Goncalves, modular synthesizers
ExplAccordion, Ben Richter, accordions
ExplChangLambViola, Johnny Chang and Catherine Lamb, violas
ExplNellyBoydEns, mixed ensemble, 44 minute version,
ExplStringMachine – a new microtonal vibrating string machine made by
Peter Wiessenthaner of Frankfurt
ExplKonusSaxQuartet – with Christian Kobi of Bern
ExplRailtonCello – with Lucy Railton, of England, living in Berlin, with a group of 6 cellos
ExplVoxHumana, with the Vox Humana Choral Group of Tokyo, now recorded, Dec 2020

New ones:
ExplneoNEnsOslo, mixed ensemble, neoN Ensemble of Oslo, hasn’t been recorded yet
ExplOrganHampus, Hampus Lindwall of Brussels, church organ, not yet recorded
ExplMotors, using variable pitch/sounds of electric motors, by Jens Brand
ExplApartmentHouse, proposed by Anton Lukoszevieze

That’s 18 versions, or more, 6 or 7 CDs, to be published by the label – Matière Mémoire, from Belgium, hopefully to be out in 2021

This piece was commissioned and played in June, 2019, by the Ensemble Phoenix of Basel, and recorded, in a 32 minute version