Current Projects & Recent Activities | October 2007

Long Arms Festival
Moscow, Russia

Sept. 30 @ DOM Cultural Center (doors open: 19.00)
Al Margolis/Katherine Liberovskaya/Phill Niblock/Michael Schumacher
Theremin Center, Moscow conservatory – masterclasses for all
Nijnii Novgorod

Oct. 4 – NCCA-Nijnii Novgorod – workshop

Oct. 5 – Record-art-centre – concert
Al Margolis/Katherine Liberovskaya/Phill Niblock With Alexei Borisov

Oct. 7 venue- Center Of Contemporary Art – “ARS-FORUM”
Yaroslavl, Sverdlov str. 9
Al Margolis/Katherine Liberovskaya/Phill Niblock With Alexei Borisov

Oct 8 at 9pm, in the auditorium
NCCA – National Centre for Contemporary Arts, 13, bldg 2, Zoologitcheskaya
Street, Moscow, Russia; curated by Leonid Bazhanov and Vitaly Patsukov
Mixed sets of music and video by Al Margolis (If Bwana), Katherine
Liberovskaya, Phill Niblock
Three concerts at Roulette Intermedium of music by Phill Niblock
20 Greene Street, New York, 8pm

October 18
“Guitar too, for four; Version Three” (1996, 30:20)
Rafael Toral, Robert Poss, Susan Stenger, David First, guitars played with E-bows
“Stosspeng” (59 minutes, 2007) for two guitars in stereo; Susan Stenger and Robert Poss, electric guitars and electric basses
Susan Stenger and Robert Poss, guitars, live on both pieces

October 19
Video/Sound Collaboration – Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya
Live Video by Katherine Liberovskaya, and Live mixing of audio pieces by Phill Niblock
In this live set Niblock mixes between audio pieces based on diverse field
recordings which are very different from his music compositions.
Liberovskaya mixes video with Jitter/Max/MSP from a vast personal database
of clips shot over the past fifteen years.
“A new piece for Organ” (Premier) – Material recorded May 1 2007 at a baroque church in Kirchberg am Wagram, Austria, Emanuel Schmelzer-Ziringer,
“Three Orchids”, for three orchestras (2003, 23 min) – Played by Trio Scordatura plus one – Alfrun Schmid, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, viola; Bob
Gilmore, synthesizer; plus Guy De Bievre, dobro (recorded at Amplus, in
Aaigem, Belgium, August 13 & 14 2007)
“4 Chorch +1” (recording from the premier performance at Ostrava New Music Days in CZ, August 28 2007; 23 minutes)

October 20
Six Pieces for Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu and saxophones
“Didjeridoos and Don’ts” (1992, 13:30), Ulrich Krieger, didjeridu
“Ten Auras Live” (1994, 21:20), Ulrich Krieger, tenor saxophone
“Sea Jelly Yellow” (24 min, 2001) Ulrich Krieger, baritone saxophone
“Parker’s Altered Mood, aka, Owed to Bird” (16:25; 2004) Ulrich Krieger, alto saxophone
“Alto Tune” (25:08; 2004) Ulrich Krieger, alto saxophone
“Sax Mix” (25:08, 2004) Ulrich Krieger, alto, tenor and baritone saxes
(this is a mix of Ten Auras, for tenor sax; Sea Jelly Yellow, for baritone sax; and Alto Tune, for alto sax. (About 85 channels/tracks.)