Phill Niblock in London

May 22 (6-10pm), 23(12-20) and 24-25 (12-18)

A book fair at the Tate Modern, with a section by Frederic Acquaviva, of “La Plaque Tournante” in Berlin, with a new book of “Cello Pieces” scores, by Phill Niblock

Sunday May 24th 2015 , 8 pm , @ /i’klectik/

‘Old Paradise Yard’ , 20 Carlisle Lane ( Royal Street corner ) next to Archbishop’s Park , London SE1 7LG, email:

8.30PM 1st live set set : improvisation Katherine Liberovskaya (live video) / Guy De Bièvre (lap steel guitar) / Anna Homler (vocals) 30′

9PM launching of CRU1 MAGAZINE ( ß@£) sélection of CRU-DVD with vidéos of live performances by Bernard Heidsieck “Vaduz” (1974,11′), Tomomi Adachi “Girl Spinning Next Door” (2014, 6′), Alvin Lucier “Silver Streetcar for Orchestra” (1988, 9′) + Katherine Liberovskaya “Tilting at Windmills a.k.a aqualib spin” with sound collage by Phill Niblock (2015, 8′)

9.30PM 2nd live set : Frédéric Acquaviva : “Aatie Fragment” (2011, 8′)
(music and vidéo : F.A) with Loré Lixenberg (mezzo-soprano)

– Phill Niblock : V & LSG H (2015, 22′), with Phill Niblock, Guy de Bièvre (lap steel guitar) and Loré Lixenberg (mezzo-soprano)

June 1 – 21 – Studio Loos in Den Haag, residency, Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock, Anne Wellmer

Workshop on June 12

News Update | March 2015

The premiere of “Surge”, Phill Niblock’s first piece for analogue synthesizer, performed by Thomas Ankersmit at MaerzMusik in Berlin this weekend, and the first collaboration of Florence To and myself, also in Berlin, at KW.

The Phill Niblock concert runs all night long, from Saturday around midnight until Sunday morning, and is part of MaerzMusik’s “The Long Now” event at Kraftwerk Berlin.

Brazil 84

Brazil 84

77 min The Movement Of People Working

Friday 27th Feb. 2015
24:00h at legendary BAMBI Filmstudio, Klosterstraße 78, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany

Phill will be present, as well as Brian Brandt from mode records. Come and enjoy this unique screening in an old style movie theatre from 1963 with a new 5.1 sound system.

Brazil84 DVD, released by mode records, is for sale in the cinema, otherwise online by mode records and a-musik mailorder, Cologne/Germany.

more in German only at

(Screening organised by Cologne-based artist-curator Georg Dietzler)

More about the Music on Brazil 84:

Three Orchids for three orchestras – Orchestra of the SEM Ensemble, conducted by Petr Kotik, Merkin Hall, NYC, live recording by Paul Geluso, June 3rd, 2004.
Tow by Tom for two orchestras – Trio Scordatura (Amsterdam) and the Nelly Boyd Ensemble (Hamburg), mixed / multitrack recordings of the two ensembles, one on the left channel, the other on the right. Trio Scordatura (Alfrun Schmid, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, viola, Bob Gilmore, synth); Nelly Boyd (Jens Roehm, synth [single analog oscillator, Dave Smith Evolver]; Jan Feddersen, e-bow guitar; Peter Imig, violin; Robert Engelbrecht, cello)Trio Scordatura recorded by Johan Vandermaelen at Amplus, Aaigem, Belgium, March 1st, 2008; Nelly Boyd recorded by Jens Roehm and Julia Berg at Christianskirche, Hamburg, March 9th, 2009; Three Orchids – Trio Scordatura plus one, mixed / multitrack recording.Trio Scordatura (Alfrun Schmid, voice; Elisabeth Smalt, viola; Bob Gilmore, keyboard) with Guy De Bièvre, dobro. played with e-bow; Recorded by Johan Vandermaelen at Amplus, Aaigem, Belgium, August 13 -14, 2007.

Live in London | 21st September 2014 (and other dates)

Café Oto, London – a collaboration between Rie Nakajima and Phill Niblock, and Anton Lukoszevieze playing cello

Rie Nakajima performs along with the film “T H I R” (1971-72, 43 min) and the sound collage piece “Crick” by Phill Niblock, followed by another video “Meudrone” (2013-14, 48 min) and music by PN, including Summing II (1982, 32 min) with David Gibson, cello, recorded and Anton Lukoszevieze playing live, and other pieces made since October 21013: Vlada BC (Nov 2103, 20 min) Elisabeth Smalt, viola d’amore, recorded samples; Euph (Nov 2103, 24 min) Melvyn Poore, two belled euphonium, recorded samples

September 24th

Wonderwerp at Studio Loos, De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, Den Haag, Netherlands
An evening of field recordings, drones and experimental film with Justin Bennett, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Aurélie Lierman and Phill Niblock

This edition of Wonderwerp is curated by Anne Wellmer and Matteo Marangoni
Presented in collaboration with iii and TodaysArt

September 27th

Electronic Music Festival at Bozar, Brussels Belgium – Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit

September 28 2014, Sunday, 8pm:
Music and Film/Video by Phill Niblock, with live guitar by Guy De Bievre and audio engineering by Johan Vandermaelen
019 — Dok-Noord 5L 9000 Ghent, Belgium /

News Update | January to March 2014

Jan 15 , Klub Katarakt Festival 37

A premier of a new piece for three orchestras, commisioned by the Katarakt Festival
“Three Petals” for the ensembles – Nelly Boyd, Hamburg; Trio Scordatura +, Amsterdam; Neon Ensemble, Oslo

Three Petals is originally conceived to be performed by three ensembles plus pre-recorded playback. The first performance (by the commissioners – Klub Katarakt Festival in Hamburg) will take place in separate but contiguous halls. The audience can only hear the complete work by walking through the spaces. The piece could also be performed by three separated ensembles in one common space (e.g., a concert hall). The first and third ensemble move up a semitone through the piece (one from F to F#, the other from C to C#), while the second ensemble remains « stationary » around A. This, theoretically, results in a move, over 24 minutes, from major to minor, albeit blurred by the microtonal character of the totality.
D i e Ö f f n u n g d e s R a u m s
Kampnagel Hamburg

Jan 27 – A set in a concert at Club Transmediale, Hebbel Theater 2, Berlin
Featuring a new performance and recording of the orchestra piece – “Baobab” by the Zinc and CopperWorks brass quartet, plus a performance of “Vlada” for viola d’amore, with Elisabeth Smalt; AshEli, with Eli Keszler, percussion
Jan 30 – Thursday – A concert by Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit – at KörberForum,
produced by Elbe Philharmonie, Hamburg, Germany

Feb 5, Wednesday – A concert at the Logos Foundation in Gent Belgium, playing a piece realized for the Logos Robot Orchestra, “One Blue Rose”, Vlada BC, with Elisabeth Smalt, viola d’amore; and others

Feb 24 – 28, a series of lectures and concerts by Phill Niblock at Dartmouth College, Hanover NH, with Carlos Casas and Neil Leonard + students from Berklee College of Music, Boston

March 25 – 30 – University of Maine, campuses at Orono and Farmington, a series of lectures and concerts, with Katherine Liberovskaya, Alan Margolis, Neil Leonard, produced by Gustavo Aguilar

Phill Niblock & Thomas Ankersmit 10th Anniversary Japan Tour | September 2013

September 5 – Dommune, NHK Special – interview & performance for internet TV with PN, TA & Jörg Hiller
September 6 – SuperDeluxe, Tokyo, Japan – triple concert with PN, TA & Jim O’Rourke
September 8 – Club ADD, Sendai, Japan – double concert with PN & TA
September 14 – Metro, Kyoto, Japan – double concert with PN & TA
September 15 – Conpass, Osaka, Japan – double concert with PN & TA
September 16 – IAMAS, Ogaki, Japan – double concert with PN & TA
September 17 – Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan – lecture with PN & TA
September 19 – Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan – concert/lecture with PN & TA
September 20 – Geidai, Tokyo, Japan – concert/lecture with PN & TA

Live at Cafe Oto | 28th February 2012

In 2013 minimalist composer Phill Niblock celebrates his 80th year with a massive retrospective at the Lausanne Contemporary Art Centre and a few select dates across Europe with saxophonist and electronic musician Thomas Ankersmit including this concert at Café Oto where the pair will present a selection of new works alongside ‘Sweet Potato’ for Basset Horn/Bass Clarinet/Eb Clarinet – a piece that was written for American clarinetist and sound artist Carol Robinson in 2001 and featured on the ‘Touch Food’ set of recordings (reissued by Touch in 2013). This evening’s concert will be performed with live contribution from David Ryan on bass clarinet.

Live Events | Summer 2012

June 21 (the summer solstice) – a Phill Niblock concert at Roulette with the Dither Guitar Quartet (James Moore, Joshua Lopes, Gyan Riley, Grey McMurray) playing Two Lips, a scored orchestra piece. Neil Leonard playing saxophone with Sax Mix and Zrost. Chris McIntyre, Jen Baker, Will Lang, tenor trombone; James Rogers, bass trombone, will play A Third Trombone. And maybe a surprise, like two films not seen in years.
Roulette Intermedium, Inc, 509 Atlantic Ave at Third Ave, Brooklyn NY, 8pm

Experimental Intermedia Concerts – On the Air – Archived
David Weinstein, Program Director,, The Clocktower Gallery & Radio,
108 Leonard Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10013 USA, Office: 212-233-1096

July 3 – Q-O2 Workplace in Brussels Belgium, 8pm, Koolmijnenkaai 30-34 Quai des Charbonnages; +32 (0)2 245 48 24; curated by Julia Eckhardt,
Al Margolis (If Bwana), Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock, A Variation of Sets
Guy De Bievre will play guitar with PN and collaborate with AM

July 7 – Experimental Intermedia House Window Gallery, 6pm +
Sassekaai 45, Gent Belgium
An exhibition opening by Katherine Liberovskaya

July 12 – Festival – Untergreith 216, a-8443 Sankt Johann im Saggautal, South Styria (Graz, Austria) Curated by Mia Zabelka
including: Katherine Liberovskaya and Phill Niblock and Al Margolis (If Bwana)

17 July,21 čas (9pm), Beograd 11000, Serbia
Phill Niblock, If Bwana, Katherine Liberowskaya – SAD, performans „Varijacije sa setovima“ („A Variations by Sets“)

Višestruki performans video umetnika na polju savremene muzike i eksperimentalnih zvukova.

Opis festivala. Ring Ring festival je već 17 godina važan deo beogradske kulturne ponude i pokazatelj otvorenosti i znatiželjnosti beogradske publike. Pored glavnog festivala počeo je da radi i World Music festival „Todo Mundo“, tako da nije iznenađenje što su u programu „Ring Ring na Belefu“ i World Music i nešto drugačija, tipična Ring Ring muzika, spojeni u jedno. Festival će činiti sedam koncerata i muzičkih performansa i to u junu i u julu.

We’ll play FIVE MORE STRING QUARTETS (by Phill Niblock) on the opening concert of the BIENNALE in VENEZIA. My quartet is called QUARTETTO PROMETEO and is this year’s winner of the Silver Lion in the Biennale. Another concert will be on the 6th of OCT 2012, and it will be played again, then. Francesco Dillon,

Live in UK | February 2011

Feb 16 at Brunel University, Music Department, London, with Bob Gilmore – A seminar at 6 followed by the concert at 7.30, with a student orchestra playing PN orchestra pieces

Feb 17, 8pm, at Café OTO, London – a Brunel University event, with a student orchestra playing PN orchestra pieces – 22 Ashwin Street, E8 3DL

Feb 23 at Bath Spa University, England – Music, sponsored by James Saunders

Live at Café Oto | 17th February 2011

THURSDAY 17th February 2011
Tickets : £8 adv / £10 door
Door Times : 8pm

Phill Niblock’s music is the emancipation of the drone, the splitting into atomic parts of dozens of flailing, beating frequencies singing out loudly in close acoustical proximity to each other. His works are broad oceans of sound, where very little really “happens” but where there is a great deal to be heard, felt, and pondered.

His music involves electronic manipulation of acoustical sound sources recorded over the years by several generations of musicians, playing every instrument under the sun from flute, bass clarinet, saxophone, trombone, digeridoo, to electric guitar, bowed piano, cello, organ, hurdy-gurdy, and much else. Recordings of single held tones are layered into textures rich in micro-nuance, building into imposing, complex soundscapes.
Tonight he presents his work with live musicians.

This is the second event in Brunel@Café Oto, a new series of events organised in collaboration with the Music Department at Brunel University, tonight taking advantage of a rare Niblock appearance in the UK.

A review can be read here

Phill Niblock & Thomas Ankersmit Live in London | November 2010

Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit play at St.Leonard’s Shoreditch, London
Produced by Andi Studer, Cenatus CIC
19 November 2010, doors 8pm

St.Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JN
tickets: £12 on the door, £10 advance (+booking fee), £8 advance concessions (+booking fee)

SONOLOGY CONCERT – Royal Conservatory Den Haag

Video- en audiopresentatie van sonologie in samenwerking met
Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya
3 November, Tuesday, 19:30 – 21:30 GRATIS

At Theaterzaal, Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1, 2312 CS Leiden, Netherlands +31 71 5161880

For the full program, go to: